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Jennifer S. Wallace

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Ever since she could hold a pencil or pen in her left hand, Jennifer has loved writing. Writing letters to her aunt in Jamaica was an early memory.  Jennifer wrote whenever and wherever she could: poems, stories, essays, articles, and journal entries, throughout her childhood and young adulthood. In elementary school she won a prize for poetry in a Write On! contest hosted by the Saskatoon Public Library. In high school one of her non-fiction short stories was published in WindScript. In university she wrote a couple of articles for the University of Saskatchewan's student newspaper The Sheaf.   She now writes articles for Sister Triangle Magazine.  She has led writers' workshops at Sister Triangle retreats as well. Jennifer began writing Miss G and Me: A Daughter's Memoir over twenty years ago.

Jennifer also started teaching over 20 years ago. Currently Jennifer is a kindergarten teacher.  Her young and eager students  keep her looking at the world with fresh eyes. Jennifer loves reading to her students and passing on a love of words and language.

Reading has always brought joy to Jennifer. Currently she is reading a lot of memoirs!

See Jennifer's profile with the Saskatchewan Writer's Guild

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