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A glowing review

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

What a wonderful review by Michelle Shaw in the Kerrobert Chronicle and in Your West Central Voice! Thanks so much!

“Weaving together poems, journal entries, anecdotes and personal essays, Miss G and Me is a beautifully written memoir as well as an exploration of identity, culture, family and place…”

“Jennifer carefully explores the generations surrounding her mother, from Ruth’s parents and grandparents to her children and grandchildren. One gets a real sense of family and the ties that bind generations to each other even though they may be separated by distance and culture.

I found Ruth’s determination and her curiosity and enthusiasm for life and people very inspiring. I loved looking at the photos that are included in the book because they really do bring a story to life. At the back of the book there is an appendix with detailed notes explaining more of the history and context of Ruth’s story as well as a definition of some of the Jamaican expressions used in the book.”

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