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Write Out Loud Swift Current

I had a wonderful time in Swift Current Wednesday, November 15th. It was a great evening. We got settled at the Coast Hotel, then my husband John and I were welcomed by some of the Lyric Theatre committee, Jackie, Anne and Sandra, at the Akropol Restaurant. We had warm and engaging conversations, including with John the owner of the restaurant. Tina-Marie hosted the evening at the Swift Current Museum. Bob Jamieson opened for me; I so enjoyed the music he provided and really wanted to sing along. After of short break, some book sales and signing, I read. It was a fabulous audience. I got to chat with many audience members afterwards including a retired nurse from the Caribbean who trained in England and came to Swift Current in 1976. My cousin who lives ten minutes out of Swift also came. So grateful for the invitation from Terry Toews with the Lyric Theatre. I loved it. Thank you Swift Current!

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