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Updated: Apr 18, 2022

As a teacher I am always looking for books that fit with what I am teaching. Miss G and Me does fit with Saskatchewan curriculum outcomes. I have enjoyed giving book talks with various grade levels. Here is a response from a colleague who teaches grade seven in Saskatchewan. Many Thanks to Ms. Will!

"I have some Grade 7 outcomes noted below from Social Studies, ELA, and Health curriculums that I think would fit well with your book.

Social Studies Curriculum:

- Analyze the relationship between current and historical events and the physical and social environments in Pacific and northern Canada and in a selection of Pacific Rim and circumpolar countries. (Dynamic Relationships Strand)

- Compare the sources of power for individuals, nations, and regions in a selection of Pacific Rim and circumpolar countries. (Power and Authority Strand)

- Investigate the influence of resources upon economic conditions of peoples in circumpolar and Pacific Rim countries. (Resources and Wealth Strand)

ELA Curriculum:

- View, listen to, read, comprehend, and respond to a variety of texts that address identity (e.g., Thinking for Oneself), social responsibility (e.g., Participating and Giving Our Personal Best), and efficacy (e.g., Doing Our Part for Planet Earth). (Comprehend and Respond Strand)

- Select and use the appropriate strategies to communicate meaning before (e.g., planning and organizing ideas to fit format), during (e.g. using transition words), and after (e.g., revising to eliminate unnecessary repetition) speaking, writing, and other representing activities. (Compose and Create Strand) I would use your book as a read aloud to showcase various writing traits.

- Experiment with a variety of text forms (e.g., meeting, presentation to adults, descriptive poem, opinion piece, a review, front page of a newspaper, short script) and techniques (e.g., dialogue, figurative language).​

Health Curriculum:

- Establish and use strategies to commit to and act upon personal standards (see grade 6) for various aspects of daily living over which an individual has control.

- Demonstrate interpersonal skills, including assertiveness skills, to effectively and skillfully manage peer pressure (e.g., alcohol and drugs, exclusionary behaviours, family expectations, academic pressures, rules/laws).

- Investigate and express an understanding of possible discrepancies in morals (e.g., beliefs, ethics, virtues, understanding of right/wrong) that may determine and/or affect the commitment to the well-being of self, family, community, and the environment."

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